Rebenzeit Kaffee Indien Monsooned Malabar
Rebenzeit Kaffee Indien Monsooned Malabar Oldtimer
Preview: Rebenzeit Kaffee Indien Monsooned Malabar
Preview: Rebenzeit Kaffee Indien Monsooned Malabar Oldtimer

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PHILIPPOS Greek Land Extra Virgin Olive Oil BIO 750 ml bottle - DE-ÖKO-037
An extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality. This is the result of the selection of the best olive harvests of all olive regions in Greece. A real all-rounder for the kitchen.
10,79 EUR
14,39 EUR per liter
Merlot Vino Varietale Torri Cantine organic 5 Liter Bag in Box - DE-ÖKO-037
A versatile and full-bodied Merlot, which in the glass with its dark ruby red colour already makes you want to drink it. Soft on the palate with juicy aromas and a tannic texture make it so special.
33,00 EUR
6,60 EUR per liter
Gentile Pasta di Gragnano I.G.P. Spaghetti - Kopie
Unique, aromatic Spaghetti di Gragnano I.G.P. with a great bite from the multiple award-winning pasta manufacturer Gentile.
5,90 EUR
21,07 EUR per Kilo

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Rebenzeit Redwine-Cuvée dry QbA Rheinhessen aged in wood barrels 3 Litres Bag in Box - vegan
A very fine bag in box red wine. Complex and elegant on the palate, soft on the palate with delicate tannins. Cuvée of 3 noble grape varieties, 10 months matured in wood barrels.
24,90 EUR
8,30 EUR per liter
Rebenzeit Grey Burgunder Spätlese Prädikatswein Rheinhessen 3 liter Bag in Box - vegan
Something special in the box. Classic Pinot Gris with a wonderful bouquet of pear, on the finish beautifully juicy and creamy, slightly green apple and slightly herbaceous.
22,90 EUR
7,63 EUR per liter
Rebenzeit Regent Rosé semi-dry Rhine 3 litre Bag in Box
A wonderfully fruity rosé with strong aromas of forest fruit with beautiful acidity. The wine is 100% varietal.
17,90 EUR
5,97 EUR per liter
A very special white wine vinegar. Intense, nuances of flowers and fruits, full of structure due to storage in barrique barrels.
11,50 EUR
23,00 EUR per liter