Enjoy Bag in Box wine


Bag in Box Wine - simple and practical , convenient, inexpensive and ecologically

Bag in Box is ...

 - Once opened fresh for weeks without loss of quality

 - Up to 40% cheaper than bottled wine - No cork taint

 - Lightweight

 - Space saving

- Ecologically


The idea of an air conditioned double packing has already existed in antiquity , but more 
then that the modern wineskins are not common with the goatskin of time. An inner bag made
of tasteless and harmless to health , polyethylene ( PE ) is filled with wine , sealed by a tap and
provided with a stabilizing outer carton. The vacuum in the bag prevents oxidation or
contamination - the wine also remains up to three months without a change in taste fresh after opening.
Meanwhile, the name Bag- in - Box has established itself ( bag in box) .

According to a study in Sweden and Norway in 2010, the three-liter bag-in-box hits the glass bottle in all respects. For the same amount of wine they caused on average less than 20% of CO2 emissions.
The reason is that the bag in box requires far less energy to manufacture as the glass bottle and is much more efficient to recycle. Also, the less weight during transport is an big advantage for the enviroment.

Bag in Box wines are to be found more frequently on the market in the next few years.

More and mor people are buying the Bag in Box, once they have tasted the boxes.

Such wines are considerably cheaper than bottled wine, more environmentally friendly - especially because of the transportation benefit - and after opening much longer fresh.

Many associate this form of packaging with "cheap wine" from the supermarket, or compare them with the Tetra Pack.

These are prejudices that no longer exist today. You can find these on the market, with more and more high-quality wines in the box.

If you take the Box without reservation to this type of wine packaging you will quickly see the advantages to a bottle. It is significantly more customer-friendly and more sustainable than the glass bottle.

In addition to the long shelf life after opening of the wine due to the vacuum filling (no air contact the wine) you can enjoy the wine when you want, without to empty a whole bottle. So the wineskin is something for the people who drink only occasionally wine.

The tube made of polyethylene is completely tasteless, which is proven by several blind tastings, where wine from the bottle has been compared with the wine from the box.

Incidentally is processed no plasticizers in polyethylene (PE). Many confuse this with the PET bottles that contain plasticizers partially. Although the name sounds very similar, there are two very different plastics. Polyethylene is food safe and completely harmless and 100% recyclable.

The Box is also easier to carry
. 3 liters of wine in the box are correspond 4 glass bottles (á 0.75 L.). 5 liters are almost  7 bottles. The weight of the heavy glass is also deleted during transport. Through this transportation advantage (by the shape), the Bag in Box fits much better and ecological on the truck. This shows a weight comparison. Relative content to package the wineskin is with carton at about 5% and the glass bottle at 40% (by weight of the packaging on fully-filled product). In the volume efficiency, the bag-in-box packaging is about 40% better than the round glass bottle.

The disposal of the wines in the Bag in Box is also not a problem. They are 100% recyclable.

All this together the Box has a lower by approximately 82% CO2 emissions than the same amount of wine in the bottle.

Also about 72% less primary energy is consumed, until the wine arrives in your glass.


All these are facts convince - hopefully you, too!


You can easily buy Bag-in-Box-Wine online at our shop.

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