About us and our idea

Sustainable and resource-saving wine concept

Under the umbrella and the "Rebenzeit" brand and the "weinschlauch-online" online shop, we distribute innovative and sustainable wine concepts to end customers, specialist retailers and the catering trade.

Stephan Kokerbeck - Rebenzeit Weinschlauch-onlineStephan Kokerbeck

Our sustainable wine concept fits into the time and is fun.
Quality wines packed practically and ecologically. What more do you want?

Philipp Fleischer - Rebenzeit Weinschlauch-onlinePhilipp Fleischer

Whether at home or in the restaurant. Wine can not be served in a simpler and more flexible way.
It protects the environment and the wallet without sacrificing quality.

For the gastronomy we offer in addition to the wines professional wine tap systems with cooling for daily use.
Learn more about our concept on our company presence of Rebenzeit.



We are a wine merchant, importer and service partner for sustainable and high quality wines in the bag in box

Whether it's consumer goods or beverages, sustainability will determine our future.

This gave us the idea some years ago to give customers access to very high quality wines in the innovative bag in box packaging. So we import directly from Italy, Spain and France from our team selected wines. We also supplement our assortment with wines from Germany. In addition to quality, we make sure that the wines are sustainably and cleanly produced. We also have wines bottled for us directly.

When selecting our wines and checking our suppliers, we cooperate very closely with the Hamburg sommelier Petra Seidel.

In addition to our online shop for high-quality bag in box wines, we offer gastronomy a very interesting concept for open wine. We use the very special wine dispensing systems from Vintar, which we distribute exclusively in Germany.

We also make a part of our wines available to the selected wine, organic and luxury retailers, because we know that more and more people, not only on the Internet, are looking for good wineskins. Here we support the specialized trade with many tips and mentions on our web pages for their success.

We also offer corporate customers other wine-related services. This gives you the opportunity to purchase specially labeled wine boxes for your customers. Here we are happy to advise you.

But no matter what we offer. We never save on the quality of our wines. That's what we stand for!