Sustainable wine enjoyment

For us, sustainability is a top priority when selecting our products and suppliers. In times of a changing world and the high consumption of resources, we pay particular attention to ensuring that our winegrowers produce the wines in a particularly environmentally friendly way. In this respect, we also see our responsibility towards future generations in the way we behave.
With the bag-in-box packaging, we rely on the most environmentally friendly wine packaging. With the environmentally friendly wines produced in this practical packaging, we are making our contribution to a clean future.
We are certified with the European organic seal, under which we offer organically grown wines. But also the wines without the organic seal in our assortment are produced in a particularly environmentally friendly and thus CO2-friendly way. This, in combination with the Bag in Box, enables us to offer a wine that has an exceptionally good CO2 balance.

What makes wine sustainable?

Sustainable does not necessarily mean only organic cultivation. Here, the focus is not only on environmentally friendly winegrowing and ecology, but also on economy and social issues.
Not only the actual production and the way the vines are kept free of pests, for example, must be considered here. There is much more to it. From pruning the vines to transporting them to the customer and the packaging in which the wine is filled are all on display here. 
Care products, pesticides and fertilisers must be environmentally friendly and should only be used when absolutely necessary. But the question of where, for example, the electricity needed for wine production comes from is also taken into account. Here, green electricity is increasingly being used.
But the social aspects are also important. Are the employees well paid, how are they integrated into the farm or do they perhaps have shares in the farms themselves?
A farm that produces organically does not necessarily have to be sustainable. We make sure that our winegrowers work in an environmentally friendly, economical and socially responsible way.

Why is the Bag in Box so sustainable?

No bottled wine can compete here.
The Bag in Box wine has a packaging that requires very little energy and water in its production compared to bottled wines. To be precise, it is up to 80% less CO2 emission, approx. 72% less consumption of primary energy and approx. 78% less consumption of water.
Furthermore, bag-in-box wine has a great advantage in weight, which makes driving a truck much more efficient. The angular shape also contributes to the transport.

When you have finished drinking the delicious wine, simply dispose of the outer carton in a space-saving way in the waste paper bin and the inner tube in the recyclable waste bin. In this way, the entire packaging is 100% recyclable and can be used in another form. It should also be mentioned here that recycling is much more energy-saving than glass recycling.
By the way, you also save the trip to the bottle bank, which in many cases is done by car.

Isn't sustainability more complicated?

Quite the opposite!
With Bag in Box wine, you are not only buying the most ecological wine packaging, but also the most practical, and you are also saving money.
If I calculate the price of the wine per litre, the wine tube or the Bag in Box wine is usually between 20% and 40% cheaper than the wine from the bottle with identical contents.
It also eliminates the annoying trip to the glass container, which gives me more time.
Sustainable action can be this simple without sacrificing enjoyment!