Wine enjoyment - lasting fun with wine

Enjoying wine should be fun and bring pleasure. Whether with friends, family or alone with a good wine or film on the couch. It is important not to skimp on the quality of the wines.
We select excellent wines for the wineskin with a fine sense. This includes red wines matured in oak barrels or German Prädikatsweine, which is very rare to find.

The question often arises, "I don't open a bottle of wine just for one glass. You don't have to, because with the wineskin you have the great advantage that the wines remain fresh for at least 6 weeks after opening without losing quality. And the fact that the wine tube or the bag in box wine has become socially acceptable, especially in high qualities, should not deter you from buying it. For us, this simply means enjoying wine in a clever way!
Our wines do not shy away from any comparison with very high-quality wines that are apparently only available in bottles. For us, enjoying wine and quality of life also means simply drinking a glass of good wine.
No matter what the situation.
Anyone who has ever drunk a good bag-in-box wine will quickly be convinced of the many advantages.

Wine enjoyment

After a long day at work, you often have an appetite for a delicious glass of wine with your evening meal, homemade pizza or pasta. That's simply part of it. Drawn from the wine tube, the good drop is always quickly in the glass without having to open the bottle, which is not drunk in the end. It's a pity about the wine that has to be disposed of later because it has oxidised.
This will not happen so quickly with the wineskin because of its long shelf life due to the vacuum-protected wine, which is not exposed to harmful light even in the box.

Enjoying wine at the party

wine enjoyment party

No party without good wine. Always opening new bottles because 0.75 litres are drunk quickly can be a nuisance. Simply providing the wine tube / bag in box wine for everyone to tap themselves leaves much more room for the real thing - the party! With the wines from our range, you don't have to worry about the quality of the wines either, because you can be sure that we will ensure a real party treat!
By the way, the wine tube also makes things easier after the party. The many empty bottles that have to be dragged to the bottle bank are often annoying. Not so with the Bag in Box packaging. Simply remove the hose and dispose of it in the recycling bin and the outer box in the waste paper bin so that it can be 100% recycled.
By the way, using Bag in Box wine at the party is also easy on the wallet. A 5-litre wine tube is up to 40% cheaper than the same wine in a bottle.

Enjoying wine on holiday

wine enjoyment holiday

To avoid the risk of having to buy bad wine on holiday, it sometimes makes sense to pack the wine from home directly into the car. This is only difficult with the bulky and heavy bottles. The wine tube is compact and much lighter and still finds its place in the boot.
Holidays in Scandinavian countries can also be very expensive when it comes to wine. There is a lot of wine to buy there for a lot of money, which is not necessarily associated with enjoying wine. Here, too, it is worth thinking about ordering wine in advance to take it with you on your holiday trip. A holiday is a joy of life and that includes good wine!
By the way, we can also send the wine directly to your holiday accommodation if it doesn't fit in the car.


Enjoying wine while camping

wine enjoyment camping

The big holiday trend in Germany in recent years is definitely the camping holiday. Nothing is more practical than the wineskin. Compact and light, it is easy to stow away in the camper van or caravan. The good wine thus accompanies you on holiday in a totally uncomplicated way. Enjoy excellent quality wines that clearly stand out from the mass of wines in the box. This means that even red wine aged in wooden barrels can be taken along on holiday without any complications. It is also a piece of luxury and lifestyle to spend the evening with a really good wine in front of the camper with a view of the mountains or the sea. That is pure relaxation!

Enjoying wine while sailing

wine enjoyment sailing

There is usually not much space on a sailing boat, so it is important to plan what can and cannot be taken on board. When you arrive at the harbour in the evening and want to enjoy the beautiful evening atmosphere, a tasty drop of wine is simply a must. Bottled wines, however, take up a lot of space on the boat and also add a lot of weight due to the heavy glass. It's different with wine from the bag in box. It is light and compact and enough wine fits in the box. For example, with our delicious Pinot Gris Spätlese from the 3-litre wine tube, the sailing trip only becomes really round when I pour myself the first glass after a nice leg. 

But no matter when and where. What is and remains important is the quality of the wines that are drunk. With our range of high-quality bag-in-box wines, we try to stand out from the crowd and find special wines in cooperation with our winegrowers. We think we have done a good job.
Convince yourself too!