organic wine sustainably packed

organic bag in box wine

Bag in Box organic wine - sustainably packed

Not only the packaging is sustainable, but also the content. If the wine is already grown organically, it should also be filled in the most ecological wine packaging. This is the wine tube with its excellent CO2 balance. CO2 pollutes our climate and has been proven to be responsible for climate change. Not only for this reason, we distribute our organic wine in wines. Among others, from Torri Cantine from Abruzzo comes a very high quality organic wine in a bag in box, which surprised many customers of the quality. But also vegan organic wines can be found in our assortment. This improves the already very good life cycle assessment again. Among others, ours come from the Cantina Cerretano, a small winery in the Abruzzo region.
The fact that you can enjoy our organic wines for a long time is due to the fact that the bag in box keeps the wine fresh for a long time after opening. The vacuum climate packaging leaves as well as no oxygen to the wine after opening, so it stays fresh for weeks after dawn.
These are many arguments that speak for organic wines from the wineskin.