Premium organic olive oil 3 litres BiB
Premium Olive Oil Bio 3 Liter Bag in Box Front
Preview: Premium organic olive oil 3 litres BiB
Preview: Premium Olive Oil Bio 3 Liter Bag in Box Front

This product is similar to:

Trattoria Anna Salsa Piccante hot tomato sauce
The Salsa Piccante has an intensely fruity taste and a pleasant, clearly noticeable spiciness. With its fine chunks, this tomato sauce is perfect not only with pasta but also on toasted bread or bruschetta.
5,60 EUR
19,31 EUR per Kilo
Trattoria Anna Salsa Classica classic tomato sauce
A beautifully fruity tomato sauce with fresh herbs. Fine tomato pieces make the sauce perfect not only for fine pasta but also as a companion to toasted bread or bruschetta.
5,60 EUR
19,31 EUR per Kilo
PHILIPPOS Extra Virgin virgin olive oil 100ml tasting bottle
Full, fruity premium extra virgin olive oil with a slight bitterness from olives from different regions of Greece. Practical in the 100ml tasting size.
3,59 EUR
35,90 EUR per liter
PHILIPPOS Greek Land Extra Virgin Olive Oil BIO 750 ml bottle - DE-ÖKO-037
An extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality. This is the result of the selection of the best olive harvests of all olive regions in Greece. A real all-rounder for the kitchen.
10,79 EUR
14,39 EUR per liter

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Straw yellow in the glass with crystal reflections. In the nose a scent of fresh, exotic fruits, slightly earthy. In the mouth soft with fresh aromas of peach and tropical fruits, limes. Distinctive notes of banana in a generous finish. 
33,00 EUR
6,60 EUR per liter
Gentile Pasta di Gragnano I.G.P. Linguine
Unique Pasta di Gragnano I.G.P. with a great bite from the multiple award-winning pasta manufacturer Gentile.
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Rebenzeit Redwine-Cuvée dry QbA Rheinhessen aged in wood barrels 3 Litres Bag in Box - vegan
A very fine bag in box red wine. Complex and elegant on the palate, soft on the palate with delicate tannins. Cuvée of 3 noble grape varieties, 10 months matured in wood barrels.
24,90 EUR
8,30 EUR per liter
Rebenzeit Grey Burgunder Spätlese Prädikatswein Rheinhessen 3 liter Bag in Box - vegan
Something special in the box. Classic Pinot Gris with a wonderful bouquet of pear, on the finish beautifully juicy and creamy, slightly green apple and slightly herbaceous.
22,90 EUR
7,63 EUR per liter